26-11-2020 CASA Gambia signs Collaboration Agreement with Wilde Ganzen to Rebuild Brufut Market

CASA Gambia signs Collaboration Agreement with Wilde Ganzen to Rebuild Brufut Market!

CASA Gambia on Thursday 26th November 2020 signed a collaboration agreement with Wilde Ganzen to Rebuild Brufut Market worth €130,691 (one hundred and thirty thousand, six hundred and ninth one euros). In the collaborative agreement, Wilde Ganzen agreed to co-financed the project together with Elizabeth Strouven Founds.

The collaborative agreement established a contract between Wilde Ganzen and CASA Gambia regarding the fundraising, implementation, final report and completion of the project.

Wilde Ganzen Work Method with CASA Gambia

Wilde Ganzen awards a financial contribution to the funds raised by the Private Development Initiative (CASA Gambia) for the project (the action result). This collaboration agreement lays down the maximum financial contribution (premium) Wilde Ganzen has committed to for the project.

Wilde Ganzen definitively allocates its contribution once the action result has been collected by the PDI (CASA Gambia) and transferred to Wilde Ganzen. The collaboration with Wilde Ganzen consists of the following three phases:

1. Fundraising: the phase in which the PDI (CASA Gambia) and Wilde Ganzen raise the necessary funds in the Netherlands;

2. Implementation: the phase in which the project is carried out by the LPO in the project country;

3. Completion: the phase in which the LPO reports on the project (up to 2 months after the end of the implementation phase, the final report will be evaluated by Wilde Ganzen.

The collaboration agreement will enter into force once this agreement has been signed by all parties and returned to Wilde Ganzen.

1. Responsibilities for the Private Development Initiative (PDI)
a. The PDI is charged with the task of raising the agreed action result for the project. This fundraising is carried out partly under the name Wilde Ganzen. In its communications regarding the project, the PDI states the Wilde Ganzen name, logo, website, and the account number.
b. The fundraising phase ends 1 year after the collaboration agreement has been signed.

We thank Wilde Ganzen for their trust in collaborating with us.

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