Brufut & Madiana Women Horticultural Garden Scheme

Women at Brufut and Madiana Garden Scheme are in desperate need for assistance to resurrect their horticultural garden. Acting Chairman Community Action Support Association with the research and development team took time to visit Brufut and Madiana Garden Scheme to explain the aims and objectives of Community Action Support Association – Gambia, to the women garden schemes so as to help in their pursuit to move from their dilapidated stage. The garden is prone to intrusion by animals due to lack of proper fencing. Pictures below showing some of the few wells used by the women to drown water. Other pictures shows the part of Garden was abandoned by women due to the lack of support for proper fencing.
A portrait of women using crude tools to cultivate her crops at Brufut women Garden Scheme, a picture showing the infertility of the Brufut women garden scheme and Wells where these women drag water in order to water their crops. They cultivate varieties of crops grown by these women but with very little income. Sweet Corn at its tender stage dearly in need of fertilizer.