Busy Sunday at CASA Gambia Garage Sale in Limburg

PUTH August 30, 2020 – In a small village near the German border close to Geleen, it is very busy this Sunday. The skies are clear blue and gentle sunlight makes it pleasant to stay in the Limburg hills… this region is well-known for long walks and cycling, but it is seldom as busy as it is today. What then is pulling the crowds today?

Bargain hunters for Good

The crowd is made up of mostly bargain hunters. People from surrounding towns and villages like Sittard and Heerlen, have come to the picturesque village of Puth for the “Garage Sale” organized by CASA-Gambia. After a week of wet weather and a long period of staying at home because of the Corona protocols, it was a nice day out for many people. Also, since a lot of the fairs have been canceled, this was a great opportunity for bargains. It was clear that the event has gained quite a bit of notoriety in the wider area in a short time. Organizer and treasurer Francine Simons has done an excellent job of promoting the event and the concept of the event also contributed to attracting people. 69 of the 850 households in Puth participated in the garage sale and all those participants created awareness about the event amongst their friends and family.

Good return for a good cause

This initiative has led to hundreds, if not thousands, of items finding a new owners and 69 attics being tidied up again and more importantly, raised some much-needed funds towards a great cause. By the end of the day over €800 was raised for CASA Gambia, more is expected in the coming days.  CASA Gambia recognises this ‘Garage Sale’ concept as a new Corona-proof way to raise awareness and funds at the same time, this CASA Gambia Garage Sale can become a yearly event in Puth.

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