Buy School Desks for the children of Brufut

Since we’re campaigning for € 5.000 to buy 100 School Desk made by a local carpenter in Brufut, we’re receiving many compliments from our friends and supporters.

Ok, we’re new at this crowdfunding thing. But is potentially very much in line with our core of ‘community development’ to connect our local village to the global village using this online platform. Now a community doesn’t work in one direction, so we thought of ways to build reciprocal links. A traditional custom is to give each other gifts, that’s what we’ve taken up as a model to offer you fitting gifts in return for your donation and support.

Gifts for our supporters, strait from our heart!

  1. For all supporters we’ll send pictures of the children with the new School Desks when the school reopens in September. We’ll need you to send us your name and email to be able to do that.
  2. In return for a € 25,00 donation we’ll make postcards with the children which we will send to your home address. We’ll need to ask your home address for this off course.
  3. People buying School Desks, which cost € 50,00 per piece, will have the gift of their name branded on each school desk bought by them. It will put a smile on the face of the children, knowing that someone somewhere thought about their future. We need your name and email for that, since we will send you a picture afterwards.
  4. If you buy one or more School Desks and add a donation € 25,00, you’ll receive our famous T-shirt, so you can show your support to self-driven development in The Gambia to your friends.
  5. We also have a Company Sponsor package of € 1.000. You’ll have your company name engraved in all school desks in a classroom! We’ll send you a picture of the classroom with your school desks, filled with children, in September together with 2 CASA Gambia T-shirts ‘paving the way of self-driven development’.

Off course a gift is just a first step in establishing a good relationship, please accept our gift and invitation to engage.

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