CASA Gambia Hosts a Transformative Directors Meeting for CBOs and CSOs

On June 22, 2024, CASA Gambia hosted a pivotal directors meeting for 20 community-based organizations (CBOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) at Metzy Residence Hotel in Kotu. The event focused on local fundraising and mobilizing support, featuring the Change the Game Academy (CtGA) program.

The day began with a welcome from the Chairman of CASA Gambia, Ebrima Jatta emphasizing the organization’s commitment to sustainable community development. Directors learned about the CtGA initiative, which equips organizations with essential tools and knowledge.


Trainers Fatou Marie Touray, Sanaba Jawla, and Amadou A. Jallow delivered the training agenda, engaging attendees with their expertise. The course content included interactive discussions and innovative methodologies for local fundraising and support mobilization, emphasizing strong networks and stakeholder engagement.

A highlight was the challenge for directors to select qualified participants for the full CtGA training in July 2024, aiming for impactful community-driven development.

The meeting celebrated participants’ spirit and ambition, with CASA Gambia excited to support these organizations in their transformative journey, changing the game for community-led development in The Gambia.