On 8th November 2022, CASA Gambia has signed an agreement with Wilde Ganzen to become the Change the Game Academy National Partner in the Gambia.

CASA Gambia has been appointed National Partner for the Change the Game Academy in the Gambia, this means CASA Gambia has exclusive rights to organize Change the Game Academy trainings within the Gambia, in coordination with Wilde Ganzen Foundation.

The National Partner Organization (NPO) Carrie’s out 1 classroom course on Loval Fundraising for 10 organizations, consisting of different workshops, in acceptance with the methodology learned in the Training of Trainers and following the guiding principles.

The Change the Game Academy aims to to strengthen the capacity of Self-Help groups (SHGs) Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to raise funds locally and to mobilize other kinds of support.

To achieve this, the present rules of the ‘development game’ need to be fundamentally transformed: whereas many SHGs, CBOs, and NGOs are to a large extent dependent on foreign contributions, Change the Game Academy wants to put the responsibility for poverty alleviation where it ultimately belongs. That is: in low and middle income countries themselves. It wants to enable actors there to take up their responsibility, by strengthening their capacity to raise funds in country and to address local duty bearers.

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