In our pursuit in investing in better education, CASA Gambia has today put pen to paper¬†ūüď̬†with Ebrima Camara Welding Workshop to manufacture fifty (50) steel built benches with tables worth GMD 100,000 ( one hundred thousand) for the duration of one (1) month. An amount of GMD 2,000 (two thousand Dalasi) is the amount charged per steal built bench and table. Furthermore, an amount of GMD 70,000 (seventy thousand dalasi) which stands as 70% of the total amount of the said contract shall be paid to Ebrima Camara Welding Workshop tone determined as the starting of the contract.

Mr. Yahya Janneh has also been contracted to carry out the roofing of the ongoing renovation works at Sheikh Mahfuz Bilingual School worth GMD 95,820 (Ninty five thousand, eight hundred and twenty dalasi). In the same vein, Mr. Yahya Janneh shall also roof the varanda for all classroom blocks without varanda and roof food vendor table for the duration of three (3) weeks. An amount of GMD 20,000 (twenty thousand dalasi) has been charged by Mr. Yahya Janneh as his workmanship to accomplish the entire contract. In this contract, an amount of GMD 75,820 (seventy five thousand, eight hundred and twenty dalasi) shall be the total material cost of the said contract. A payment of GND 10,000 (ten thousand dalasi) which stands as fifty (50%) percent of his workmanship shall be paid upon to him before the work starts.

Our sincere appreciation to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of the Germany¬†ūüá©ūüᙬ†for partnering within in this very important project.


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