CASA Gambia taking action

We’ve been talking about the why and how for quite some time, but we now decided to go for it. We have setup our initiative CASA (Community Action Support Association) – Gambia with the five of us but have expanded to a much larger group with support in The Netherlands and beyond. Not only do we recognize that we should take up our development challenges ourselves – and not wait for the government to do it for us – we also like to put our education, experience and free time to work to make a difference.

The vision of CASA Gambia:

The quality of life of people in The Gambia will improve through sustainable socioeconomic development.

The main strategies for the operations of CASA-Gambia will include:

  1. Basic Education and retention program support
  2. Primary Health Care program support
  3. Income earning improvement program support
  4. Disaster response facilitation program support
  5. Natural Resources Production and Management improvement support
  6. Partnership approach

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