Legal Adviser

Samba Bah

CASA Gambia Welcomes Samba Bah – Legal Adviser!
Samba is a dedicated private legal practitioner with a profound passion for litigation. As a licensed lecturer and human rights advocate, he co-founded the Centre for Justice-Gambia (C4JG), previously known as the Foundation Against Discrimination (FAD).
His extensive experience spans media, communications, and academia, across both public and private sectors. He firmly believes in upholding justice, regardless of the challenge.
Joining Casa Gambia allows me to contribute meaningfully to the humanitarian effort to alleviate poverty in the Gambia.
Welcome on board Counsel Samba Bah.

Advocacy and Capacity Development Assistant


Omar Jabang

CASA Gambia Welcomes Omar Jabang – Advocacy and Capacity Development Assistant
We are pleased to introduce Omar Jabang as our new Advocacy and Capacity Development Assistant at CASA Gambia. Omar is the founder of Naffa Food Processing, a social enterprise in The Gambia. He brings over four years of experience in agribusiness consulting, training, coaching, and mentoring through his work with local organizations. Omar is also actively involved as a volunteer with the International Model Diploma for Integrated Development (Gambia Chapter) and Go Support Gambia Children, a group that helps underprivileged children realize their educational potential.
Omar’s recent role as a Training Consultant for the Tumana Agency for Development, on a project funded by the Pawanka Fund of Social Finance, showcases his commitment to community development. He holds an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Science.
Omar is particularly drawn to CASA Gambia’s dedication to strengthening local institutions. Our local fundraising training projects inspire him and is eager to contribute to their success. His expertise in business planning, coaching, and mentorship, combined with a passion for capacity building, aligns perfectly with CASA Gambia’s mission and goals.
Welcome on board Omar Jabang
Paving the way for self driven development!

IT and Marketing Assistant

Gibou Jobe


CASA Gambia
 Welcomes Gibou Jobe – IT and Marketing Assistant

We are pleased to introduce Gibou Jobe as our new IT and Marketing Support as CASA Gambia. Gibou is driven by a passion for using technology and marketing to empower communities. My expertise encompasses content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and social media management, and is eager to contribute to CASA Gambia’s mission and vision.

Gibou bring in a robust skillset that bridges technology and impactful marketing. Proficient in managing content through leading CMS platforms, he ensure websites operate smoothly and content remains current. Additionally, he will leverage social media to enhance CASA Gambia’s brand visibility and engage with its audience and partners. His data analysis abilities enable him to derive valuable insights to inform strategic decisions.


As a skilled communicator, Gibou craft compelling messages that resonate with target audiences. His strong knowledge of SEO ensures CASA Gambia’s online presence is optimized.


Gibou’s skills are underpinned by a strong work ethic and a commitment to community development. A team player who thrives in collaborative settings, he approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset. His adaptability and eagerness to learn allow him to continuously grow and contribute to CASA Gambia’s success.


He is ready to collaborate and make a difference.


Welcome on board Gibou Jobe!

Paving the way for self-driven development!


Partnership Coordinator

Naffie Ndow

We are thrilled to announce that Naffie Ndow has joined the CASA Gambia family as our new Partnership Coordinator.

Naffie brings a wealth of experience from her career at Standard Chartered Bank Gambia Limited, where she has distinguished
herself as a forward-thinking leader in Client Experience and Performance Management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Derby, UK.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Naffie is deeply committed to community service and social impact. She has actively participated in various voluntary initiatives at the bank, significantly contributing to projects like Seeing is Believing (SIB) and Goal Projects. Her efforts secured $45,250 in funding for the SIB project in partnership with Sheikh Zayed Eye Care Centre, facilitating free cataract surgeries for over 600 underprivileged Gambians and raising awareness among more than 20,000 individuals. Through the GOAL project, Naffie has mentored
over 7,000 adolescent girls, empowering them with sports and life skills education to overcome gender-specific challenges.

Naffie’s dedication to community service and her robust educational background make her a valuable addition to CASA Gambia.

We are confident that she will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission.

Welcome aboard, Naffie Ndow!

Paving the way for self-driven development.

Regional Focal Person

Ebrima Chune

 CASA Gambia Welcomes Ebrima Chune – Regional Focal Person

Ebrima Chune, a final-year Post Graduate Diploma student specializing in Banking and Finance at the Management Development Institute, has joined CASA Gambia as the Regional Focal Person.


 Ebrima is a dedicated student leader and migrant rights activist who has worked with various humanitarian and youth organizations in The Gambia. He has been a committed volunteer with the Gambia Red Cross Society since 2006, serving in roles such as Link Leader, Assistant District Coordinator, Migration Volunteer, and Regional Migration Focal Point. His passion lies in volunteering and community service.



CASA Gambia’s mission to achieve sustainable change aligns seamlessly with Ebrima’s personal goals.


He is especially excited about the opportunity to work with communities and contribute selflessly to poverty alleviation efforts.

Ebrima looks forward to a bright and rewarding future with CASA GAMBIA.


Welcome aboard, Ebrima!

Paving the way for self-driven development!



Finance and Resource Mobilization Support

Bakary Sawanneh

CASA Gambia Welcomes Bakary Sawanneh – Finance and Resource Mobilization Support.
Bakary Sawanneh brings over nine years of dedicated experience as a youth educator, known for achieving tangible results and fostering cross-team collaboration. An energetic self-starter and natural team builder, Bakary excels in high-stress situations, consistently meeting goals on time and within budget.
At SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia, Bakary has excelled in organizing capacity-building trainings for staff and young people, managing community activities, and overseeing the proper use and maintenance of youth facilities. His meticulous attention to detail is reflected in his monthly and quarterly activity and facility reports, as well as his effective time management planning for young people.
Bakary’s strong command of English, both verbal and written, combined with his analytical skills and leadership abilities, allow him to carry out tasks with minimal supervision. Proficient in basic computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, he excels in administrative support and complaint handling.
Bakary holds a Certificate of Higher Education in Leadership Management from Master Class Man and a Diploma in Accounting & Finance from SBEC College. His commitment to personal and professional growth is evident in his numerous certificates of participation in various training programs, including child safeguarding, disaster risk reduction, and results-based management.
In addition to his professional experience, Bakary has a rich history of volunteer work with organizations such as the Red Cross and the Daughters of Africa Foundation, showcasing his dedication to community service and development. His contributions have been recognized with awards, including Best Staff of the Year and various certificates of merit.
Bakary is a proactive individual eager to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve shared goals and make a meaningful impact in the community.
Welcome on board Bakary Sawanneh!
Paving the way for self driven development!