First batch of School Desks delivered to Brufut Children

Earlier today 24/06/2018, CASA-GAMBIA in collaboration with Brufut Village Development Committee and Brufut Diaspora Association today presented 100 steel build School Desks, 23 chairs and 21 tables and library books to Brufut Lower Basic School as part of the Rehabilitation Project.

After presenting the project plan to Brufut Diaspora Association and Village Development Committee, the two committees decided to intervene to play their part in the rehabilitation Project. Ebrima Camara Welding Workshop was tasked with the production of 100 steel build school desks which was completed on time. Further to that, St. Goods for Gambia also collaborated with CASA-Gambia and provide 23 chairs and 21 table as part of the Rehabilitation Project. Haddijatou Jow, who also runs an eco-lodge near the Brufut beach, donated library books to Brufut Lower Basic School through CASA-Gambia.

100 School Desks donated for development of Children in Brufut

The VDC chairman remarked that the donation of 100 steel build benches and table is very timely which will help curb the furniture issue the school has been facing and hail CASA-Gambia as patriotic citizens of Brufut and advice that they should keep on going. Demba Janneh who represented the liaison officer for BDA describes their collaboration with VDC and CASA-Gambia as God sent and advised the youth of Brufut to take part in community development and create a better community for all. He went on to advice students to respect their teachers and take good care of the donated items. In his remark, he applauded the teachers of Brufut Lower Basic School for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the school and community. On a final note, he thanked CASA-Gambia for this noble initiative and promised that BDA are more than ready to work with CASA-Gambia in bringing development to Brufut.

Tables, Chairs and Library Books donated for better education

In his presentation, Chairman CASA-Gambia (Ebrima Jatta) who presented the furniture, library books and project plan to the gathering assured the school that the CASA-team is committed to see the Rehabilitation Project through. He encouraged his team both here and abroad to keep up the spirit as they are on a fundraising campaign which is bearing fruits. On his address, he thanked BDA, VDC, St. Goods for Gambia and Haddijatou Jaw for the collaboration and support which will take a long way in creating a conducive learning environment for the children of Brufut Lower Basic School.

Furthermore, Kebba Jammeh – principal of Brufut Lower Basic School – gave a vote of thanks and thanked VDC, BDA, St. Goods for Gambia and Haddijatou Jaw for their support to the school and promised that the furniture and books donated will be put in to good use. He went on to advice the pupils of the school to emulate CASA-Gambia so as to bring development to their communities in the future.

The event was closed with a tour of the school facility.

Thank you all for joining our quest to invest in better education in The Gambia.

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