Health care Projects

CASA Gambia

Brufut Health Center

Community health centers (CHCs) have long served an important safety-net healthcare delivery role for vulnerable populations. Evidence is overwhelming that community-based interventions are an effective platform for extending health care delivery and improving health outcomes. Such evidence indicates that a well-implemented community-based health programme can (1) reduce infant and child mortality and morbidity; (ii) improve health-care-seeking behaviour (e.g. increase rates of institutional delivery and immunization); and (iii) provide low-cost interventions for common maternal and paediatric health problems while improving the continuum of care.

These community-based health programmes are often successfully executed through community health workers (CHWs). These are lay people who live in the communities they serve and who function as critical link between those communities and the primary-health-care system. Brufut Health Center has been in existence for decades and has been a source of health care solution to many communities in its surrounding. The village is situated just 1 kilo meter from the South Atlantic Ocean, which is accessible to the surrounding villages namely; Nema, Madiana, Tin-Tinto, Wullinkama, Tanji, and Bato Kunku. Below are the portrait of some of the health facilities and medical items they have and needs improvements on; Beds, Wheel Chairs, Medicines, Mosquito Nets, Blood Pressure Monitors, Diabetic Monitoring Equipment, First aid Equipment’s and infrastructure