Invitation Challenge Antwerpen-Banjul

Garage Sale Puth Sunday 22-05-2022 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the whole of Puth, municipality of Beekdaelen.

Invitation Challenge Antwerp-Banjul
October 1, 2022
A great adventure!

Dear Friends of Casa-Gambia,
The Casa-Gambia foundation in Gambia was founded in November 2015 and the Casa-Gambia-Nederland foundation in October 2016. Both foundations work for the same goal, ie to bring the Gambia to a higher social level. We do this by improving the quality and access to education, health care, agriculture and sport. See our website
With the proceeds from the Antwerp-Banjul challenge, we want to create women’s gardens in the period 2023-2025 together with the two women’s gardens in Brufut to improve the availability of fresh food. After we have completed the new Market Hall in Brufut, new opportunities will arise for these local producers of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs. Opportunities that they have not had in the past 30 years due to the decline of the old market and the rise of supermarkets selling imported food.

With this project we want to make resources available to enable improvements in the infrastructure (fences, electricity and water) and increase production. This year, together with students from the agricultural university in Faraba, we are researching the requirements to achieve this and opportunities for sustainable cultivation and methods. Together with the market vendors, it is examined whether investments in cooling systems and small-scale production are sensible and profitable. Pending this research, we cannot draw up a budget yet, but for the time being we are assuming a project of € 20,000.
Women’s gardens are a traditional concept in Africa. Women provide for the food needs of the family, the surplus is sold on the market. Agriculture and horticulture in The Gambia is 60% dependent on the efforts of women, who are among the poorest in the country. They have had little education and less than 50% have learned to read and write. If we can improve the production and sale of the women’s gardens, the impact will be felt for all more than 400 families, but the entire village of Brufut will also benefit. Think of the market vendors and the availability of affordable fresh food for families buying at the market. Informal education is central. If we succeed in teaching the women more sustainable methods, this could serve as an example for other women’s gardens in the country.
Together with our friends and donors, we will realize this boost for the women’s gardens with which we increase the resistance of an entire village of more than 20,000 inhabitants
The links below and the accompanying letter provide you with all the information you need about participating in the Callenge.
Watch the 2019 trailer:
The letter with the title: Information for the participants in 2022. I do not have a link to this, so I am attaching the letter.
If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Cor de Bresser, the organizer of the Antwerp-Banjul challenge since 2006. Chairman: Cor de Bresser,, tel: 0032 (0)14 657457
Choose our project on the website under projects/ Brufut, women’s gardens.

Share this invitation as much as possible with family, friends and acquaintances, the more cars and motorcycles that participate in our project, the faster we can start with the women’s gardens in 2023. A further step towards independence of the population.
Register via the website

Kind regards,
On behalf of the two foundations Casa-Gambia-Netherlands and Casa-Gambia in The Gambia
Francine Simons
Treasurer Casa-Gambia-Netherlands
Onderste Puth 18
6155 LS Puth/Beekdaelen
Tel. 06-2120 8990
April 10, 2022

Air B&B Ebrima Jatta, and WhatsApp 00220 3991297 email:, 3 rooms with private bathroom.

Helping Hands vzw, Ravels, Belgium
Bank: KBC 733-0340156-07 (IBAN: BE74 7330 3401 5607, BIC: KREDBEBB)
Information for the participants in 2022
This Challenge is the challenge to, with normal cars and motorbikes, to drive to the Gambia.
Straight across the Sahara without formal support en route. This alternative Dakar
rally for charities in The Gambia has been organized since 2006 by Helping Hands
vzw, every first Saturday of October. The objective of this non
-profit association is to provide material and financial aid to humanitarian projects in The
Gambia. After the inauguration of the new president His Excellency Adama Barrow in
February 2017 The Gambia makes a new start as a democratic country. By participating in
this Challenge, you help rebuild this beautiful country after years
of oppression by President Jammeh’s regime.
On March 21, 2017, our organization Helping Hands signed an agreement with the
Department of Community Development (DCD) which is part of the Ministry
of Rural Development in The Gambia. With this agreement it was agreed that this
ministry will take the project selection and follow-up to heart.
This ministry also ensures that the auction proceeds are passed on to the projects and
follows up after the donations from the Challenge. Through this collaboration, a
transparent destination of the funds.
Many adventurous people also want to follow in the footsteps of the
participants of the famous Dakar Rally, but in this case with a low budget.
From Antwerp the ride goes through Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal
via Dakar, to Banjul in The Gambia. Along the way you will get to know the inhabitants and the
mighty landscapes of the countries we cross.
In short, an unforgettable adventure to tick off your bucket list!
The Antwerp Banjul Challenge is so named because we formally end at the Arch in
Banjul, the capital of The Gambia. However, the ride goes via Dakar, the famous Lac Rose,
the finish place of the classic Paris – Dakar.
The main rule of the game is that the auction proceeds of the vehicles at the end of
the ride must be donated to charity, a project in The Gambia. The rider
makes his own choice from the project list on the website. In principle, only
projects from the project list are driven. Registration for new projects is possible through the
Department of Community Development in The Gambia. These have an advisory role and
monitor the progress of the projects.
The total travel time of the Challenge is 20 days. Most participants choose to
stay in The Gambia for a few days to experience the festivities of arrival and
to visit their project.
Register to participate
To participate in the next Challenge you can already register.
Registration is done via the registration form on the website. Enter the details of
yourself and your fellow team member(s) here. However, we will only start processing the new
registrations after the previous edition of the Challenge has been run. You will then receive
confirmation of registration and the invoice for the registration fee from our organization.
That is 450 euros per person.
The registration fees have been deliberately kept low, and the credit balance will also
be used for charity. After all, we are not a commercial organization.
You print out the regulations, which you will find on the website.
These must be digitally signed for approval on each page and sent to
. Please note that each team member signs his own regulations.
After receipt of your payment and the signed regulations, we will list the
start number on the list of participants on the website.
The registration fee for the anticipated travel costs includes:
Total organization of the Challenge incl. team administration.
Promotion and publicity.
Website with SMS board.
Road book and briefings.
Information and team presentation days.
Setting out routes.
Correspondence with authorities of the countries to be crossed.
The Antwerp Banjul Challenge stickers with start number on the car doors.
Ferry to Morocco Algeciras-Tangier.
Ferry Gambia Barra-Banjul.
Sahara guides in Morocco and Mauritania.
Military escort in Mauritania (if political situation so requires)
Application for Carnet de Passage for Senegal (passavant de circulation au Sénégal )
Gambia car insurance.
Welcome ceremony at the Arch in Banjul with traditional African reception on arrival.
Vehicle auction at the football stadium in Bakau.
Transfer auction proceeds to projects.
Follow-up and progress of projects.
Certificate of Participation / Indemnity Certificate for your car or motorcycle.
Assistance at difficult border crossings by accompanying official.
Not included in the registration fee:
Visa for Mauritania (Available at the border. Rate from 2019 € 55.00 pp)
Entrance fees National parks and community. (+- € 10.00)
Costs for Carnet de Passage for Senegal (passavant Sénégal +/- 45 euros /team)
Car insurance Mauritania and Senegal. (At the border with representative present)
Fuel and tolls. Hotel and camping costs. Vaccinations and malaria pills and face masks.
The car
To make it easier to choose a car, we have
placed an overview of the most common cars in The
Gambia on our website under the FAQ (frequently asked questions) button.
Three most important rules of the game.

  • The purchase price of the car is not up for discussion.
    You can already participate with a car from the lowest price range. Of course it is the
    intention to bring the best possible car to The Gambia. Our intention is not to
    make the Gambia a junkyard, but to support a good cause by bringing cars
    that can start a second life in The Gambia.
  • Fine-tune.
    It is a Challenge on a low budget basis. And it is important to leave the car in
    its original condition as much as possible so that it can still provide good services in The Gambia.
    Of course it is allowed to prepare the car for the Sahara. For example, by installing a
    bottom plate under the engine for protection. The intention is to keep extra
    unnecessary facilities within limits. So, for example, no holes in the
    hood for extra air hoses, etc
  • The car/motorcycle must be auctioned at the end of the ride.
    The organization arranges a public auction. This will take place the first Sunday after arrival
    at the Bakau football stadium. You can be present yourself to promote your vehicle
    NB! Selling your car yourself is expressly not allowed!
    The proceeds minus 15% auction costs go to the project in The Gambia of your choice.
    You make this choice under Projects on the website. You state your choice on the
    registration form.
    Team presentation
    Four weeks before departure there is a team presentation weekend, depending on the then applicable Corona
    rules. The intention is then to be present with the car / motorcycle and to get to know the other
    Attendees. There is also an opportunity to test the car/motorcycle on a marked track. Then
    your project choice will also be definitively determined. This is also where the participation stickers are applied to the vehicles
    On the day of departure you will receive a briefing (roadbook), containing relevant information
    for the journey, such as recommended route, assembly points, country information,
    telephone numbers, etc.
    It is possible to deviate from the route, although you must be present at the assembly points. to be.
    Besides a great adventure to participate in, it is first and foremost a Challenge
    for a good cause. Many therefore take the opportunity, goods such as
    school supplies etc, to take with you to the Gambia. As an organisation, we fully support this
    initiative. The participants are of course responsible for ensuring that the items
    arrive at their destination. Experience shows that there are few problems at the various border posts
    if you keep it within limits.
    It is expressly intended that the participants themselves bear the costs of the Challenge,
    or try to raise these costs by means of sponsorship by companies (or by
    family, friends, etc.). In return, advertisements can be provided on the
    vehicles. You can also offer the sponsors advertising via your own website
    exchange for sponsorship. It depends on your own creativity how far you go.
    Antwerp Banjul Challenge 2020
    Place of arrival.
    The finish is in Banjul at the Arch. Experience shows that people prefer to choose their own hotel
    to stay in The Gambia. The organization therefore no longer arranges for this.
    flight You must arrange the return flight yourself. For price information it is best to surf the internet because the prices
    at the various tour operators fluctuate greatly.
    The results of each Challenge are displayed in a Newsletter that is
    compiled after each ride from the information that the participants provide to us. The Newsletter is also becoming
    published on the website and sent by email to all interested parties.
    Answers to many questions can also be found on the site at FAQ. (Frequently asked questions)
    There you will also find the current travel advice with the most recent Corona measures per country.
    In principle, anyone, regardless of age or nationality, can participate in the Challenge.
    Prospective participants will find all the necessary information on the website. The
    house rules can also be downloaded there. If you don’t have a car yet or you are still looking
    for a colleague driver, it is best to register already to be assured of a place to
    Are you up for the challenge?
    Register now via the registration form on our website:
    You are only assured of a place on the list of participants after digital return of the
    signed regulations and payment of the registration fee.
    For more information you can also send an email to:
    Information by telephone on 003214-657457 or mobile 0032 473 181808.
    With sporty greetings,
    Cor de Bresser,
    Chairman Helping Hands vzw

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