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Beekdaelen, 18 January 2021

Dear Board of Directors/ Board.

The Casa-Gambia Foundation aims to bring Gambia (North-West Africa) to a higher social level. We want to achieve this by improving the quality of  and  access to:

the Onderwijs de   Gezondheidzorg                     Agricultuur                         Sport

Gambia is one of the 10 poorest countries in the world and they too were affected by the corona virus and a lock  down, for this country a double noose. This means that the people there are really  hungry. They didn’t have much, and now they have nothing. There’s no work, no income, so there’s no food. Gambia has  no social security, no health insurance and also has a  very poor health caresystem. Many people with health problems cannot go to the doctor or hospital, they cannot afford it, causing people to die unnecessarily.

Fortunately, so far, few people have been infected. The government has taken timely action.

In Brufut /Gambia, a small part of the local population sells its own grown fruit and vegetables in order to be able to provide for their own maintenance.  The sale takes place in a market hall that is so bad that it could collapse at any moment.

Despite the risk of collapse, the sellers do not stay away because they have no income.

Casa-Gambia has planned to help the population with a corona project for the poorest and also with the construction of a new market hall, so that the locals can safely sell their fruit and vegetables.  They get a place on the ground floor and on the 1floor  come shops with 2 butchers, 2 bakeries, 1 fish shop and so on.

The preparations for this have already been made, a project plan has been written including the building drawings. (See project plan below) This amounts to €134,466.

The total amount already committed is € 108,563,– We still need an amount of € 25,903,–  before we can start construction. We also want to offer the sales people training in accounting, taxes, business operations, marketing & sales, food safety etc.

For this we need an additional amount of € 10,000,– In total you need € 35,903,– The new market hall

We work together with the Wilde Ganzen Foundation and the Elisabeth Strouven  Fund. A delegation of Wilde Ganzen visited the old market hall last November and also our former project the rehabilitation of the Brufut Lower Basic School, (about 2000 students) for which Wilde Ganzen and the Elisabeth Strouven Fund have been a major sponsor. During the transfer of the school in January 2019, Casa-Gambia received great interest from tv, radio, national and regional newspapers. See our website

The delegation was very impressed with the performance of Casa-Gambia for what Wild Geese and others have donated.  They have a lot of confidence in our foundation and of course we are very proud of that.

We would like to ask you to help us realize this market hall for the local population, so that they can sell their products in a safe way in order to be able to provide in-house maintenance.

All employees of the foundation are volunteers and we make sure that the last penny is spent on this project in Gambia, as we do with all our project funds.

After the realization of a project, supported by Wilde Ganzen (WG), the Elisabeth Strouven  Fund (ESF) and other donors, we are financially accountable to Wilde Ganzen  in accordance with our project application to Wilde Ganzen. WG and ESF work together and are major sponsors for our projects.

We are an ANBI foundation,you can deduct your donation from the tax.

You can transfer your donation to bank rack. NL 06 SNSB 0939319144 Casa-Gambia-Netherlands,


We  can realize this project and ensure that these people can work in a safe way and   earn their own living so that they can  be independent.  

Friendly greeting, Francine Simons-Hendriks, Secretary/Treasurer Casa-Gambia-Netherlands, Onderste Puth 18, 6155 LS Beekdaelen, Tel. 06-2120 8990

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