London kids raise funds for Gambian kids

Children from Jam Training & Education in London have collected the heartwarming sum of £ 372,67 (€ 421.16 ) for the rehabilitation of Brufut Lower Basic School in The Gambia. Initiator of the fundraising activities is Patricia Whyte, the most recent volunteer to join our club.

How did you get involved?

Early last year Ebriham was telling me about CASA Gambia Fund raising project for the Brufut Lower Basic School. I shared with him some ideas I had to for fundraising and he invited me to the next meeting. He also invited me to visit the school to see the proposed project. After attending the meeting and visiting the school, I was impressed with what the team was doing. I wanted to be Involved with the project.

Shortly after that I returned to UK and met with my previous employer, Sarah James the director of Jam Training and Education, and Mark Mckie the manager of the club. I told them about what CASA Gambia project and showed them the photos of the school. They decided to help. Mark Mckie, staff and the children discussed a few ideas. We decided on a cake sale and sponsored sports day.

Cupcake sale & Sports day for Better Education in Gambia

The children and staff made the most delicious cupcakes, key rings, and slime. It was a big hit. The parents also gave their support toward a sponsor Sports day. It was an exciting event everyone, we were so pleased with the outcome. Sarah James also bought toothbrushes and toothpaste and parents donated school supplies which I have boxed and shipped along with a set of encyclopedias.

This fundraising event raised positive awareness of great things that are happening in Africa. It has proved that you can accomplish anything with teamwork and the desire to help others in need. We are hoping this will open the door for other good things in the future.

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