CASA Gambia hosted a 5-day training to empower CBOs and CSOs with essential skills in mobilising support, strategic planning, and effective advocacy to drive positive community change.

Mobilising Support: CASA Gambia’s Journey to Empower Community Leaders

CASA Gambia recently hosted a dynamic 5-day Mobilising Support Training at the beautiful Metzy Residence Hotel, designed to empower 10 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with essential skills and knowledge.


Day 1 started with a deep dive into what mobilising support means and its importance in driving positive change. This foundational segment ensured that all participants grasped the core concepts and the potential impact of effective support mobilisation. The session then explored various tactics, from lobbying to direct action engagement strategies, helping organizations amplify their voices and rally support for their causes. We also covered the guiding principles of successful support mobilisation, emphasizing credibility, legitimacy, accountability, service-oriented, and understanding power dynamics. Lastly, we provided a clear, step-by-step roadmap for planning and executing support campaigns effectively.


Days 2 and 3 focused on enhancing participants’ understanding and skills. Day 2 covered problem and solution analysis, while Day 3 shifted to analyzing stakeholders and beneficiaries, stakeholder mapping, and mobilising allies to address social needs. Hands-on activities allowed participants to delve into the intricacies of planning and implementing support initiatives. We used tools like SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental) to facilitate thorough context analysis. These tools helped participants evaluate their organizational environment comprehensively, laying the groundwork for strategic planning. An exciting part of Day 3 was participants showcasing their presentation skills, which boosted their confidence and ensured they could effectively communicate their ideas and plans. Facilitators noted significant improvements in participants’ understanding and application of mobilising support mechanisms compared to Day 1, highlighting the training’s effectiveness and participants’ dedication.


Days 4 and 5 concentrated on critical areas such as human rights, communication skills (including negotiation and message delivery), strategizing and planning, governance structures and policies, and the development of mobilising support plans. On the final day, participants worked in groups to create real-life scenarios and develop comprehensive support plans, integrating all the knowledge and skills acquired during the training. A highlight was a session with Marr Nyang, founder of Gambia Participate, who shared invaluable insights from his extensive experience in mobilizing support and advocacy in The Gambia. His contributions added depth to participants’ understanding and inspired them to apply these lessons in their initiatives.

The training concluded on July 5th, 2024, with excitement and empowerment among the participants. By enhancing their capacity to mobilise support, we collectively work towards a brighter future for all. The next phase, the Skill Course & Certification, will begin in eight weeks, allowing participants to return to their organizations to brainstorm and further develop their mobilising support initiatives.


We thank the Change the Game Academy alliance members and our dedicated team at CASA Gambia for their unwavering commitment to community development. Stay tuned for our next training program on Local Fundraising, scheduled from July 15th to 19th, 2024. We look forward to continuing our journey of empowerment and capacity building with all our partners and participants.

Together, we can achieve great things!