Renovation Brufut Library & Staff Room celebrated

BRUFUT, THE GAMBIA – 22 APRIL 2018. Today we celebrated the finished renovation of the Library and Staff room at Brufut Lower Basic School. Our Chairman Ebrima Jatta hailed the sponsor that made this possible with “A Big “Thank You” for Jaap van Duuren! Which was also the title song of the school children.

Jaap van Duuren was given two shirts, one traditional handmade shirt and one CASA Gambia T-shirt commemorating the event with “Thank you Stichting CHEF & Jaap van Duuren for supporting Casa-Gambia in April 2018 for the Rehabilitation of Brufut Lower Basic School”

CASA Gambia chairman said: “We want to take time to express our thanks to the Contractor, Stichting CHEF and Jaap van Duuren who made the Library and Staff Room access conductive for students, teachers and residents of Brufut Village.”

We hope this big contribution will spin our campaign to fully renovate the school into the next gear.


Thank you Stichting CHEF and Jaap van Duuren for all that you do!

CASA Gambia team

Paving the way for self-driven Development!


Renovation Report


See all pictures and video on our facebook page

Day 9 of the Rehabilitation Project.
Jaap van Duuren and Stichting CHEF, thank you for partnering with us for the Rehabilitating of Brufut Lower Basic School Library and Staff Room

Day 8 of the Rehabilitation Project. Some artistic work by the man himself!
Jaap van Duuren, well done

Day 7 of the Rehabilitation Project, library and Staff room Ceiling all done

Day 6 of the Rehabilitation Project. Painting almost done, ORANGE is the color. Yahya Janneh, thanks for helping out on the book shelves

Day 5 of the Rehabilitation Project. A new look Library and Staff Room. Jaap, thanks for helping out with Painting, Orange is the Color!!

Day 4 The roofs of Library and Staff room are good again! Now fixing the ceilings and start painting.

Day 3 of the Rehabilitation Project. A new look at the Brufut Lower Basic School Library and Staff Room!

Day 2 Brufut Lower Basic School Library Roof half way done. Kudos to Jaap van Duuren, Gert and contractor for the timely intervention! Jaap and Gert helping out claering the library!

Day 1 First phase of the Rehabilitation work of Brufut Lower Basic School Library and Staff Room starts today. Jaap van Duuren, thanks for taking part, Brufut is proud of you!

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