CASA Gambia in their pursuit investing in better edication handed over the renovated Sheikh Mafuz Bilingual School to the school authorities and AMANA after three months renovation works.

In his opening remark, Amadou A. Jaloow – Edication Coordinator assert that It’s with great honor and pleasure and delight to have you here with us in yet another handing over of a completely renovated Sheikh Mahfus Bilingual School. For the fact that we are all gathered here despite the early schedule and a working day for that matter, demonstrate the significance and importance of this gathering. Casa-Gambia is committed to actively raising the quality of life for all individuals especially the most deprived. We believe that every child should be provided the opportunity to achieved their full potentials, regardless of race, background and circumstance. Our mission is to create opportunities for all, this will remain a task for all of us.

We may all agree that, education is one of the most important tool we can use to empower our children, communities, societies and the world at large, for this reason, we at Casa-Gambia value the education of every child and reassure our partners that we are fully motivated and promised you our willingness to work with you for the longer future and the betterment of humanity.

You may recall that Casa-Gambia has already invested millions of dalasi in various projects through the contributions of both our local and international partners and today, we are gathered here to witness yet another handing over of a fully renovated school which is funded by the Embassy of the Federal Republic Germany and Casa-Gambia. On behalf of my colleagues, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Embassy of the Federal Republic Germany for the trust and confidence they have on us and partnering with us to change the lives of hundreds of children and many more generations to come.

On her part Janine Hölscher – Liaisons Officer of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany here in The Gambia in her address thank the school authority and CASA Gambia for inviting her to this important handing over ceremony. The German Embassy in Dakar and the German Embassy office in The Gambia gladly supports this school project as one of their micro finance projects. Most of you will remember how the school looks like just a couple of weeks ago. She further stressed that, they are very happy that their micro finance project could help communities to build walls, add much needed windows, modernize the court yard, paint abs furnish the whole school. You will all agree that the renovation of this school is much needed and I am proud and bappy how you modified this place.

She is certain that the renovated classrooms with their new school benches and furniture will create a supportive and stimulating learning and teaching environment for both pupils and teachers alike. She continues that to “educate means to transfer knowledge and the more knowledge you gain, the more opportunities will open up to allow the children to achieve the best possible in career and personal growth. The embassy’s content to this project is the expression of the Germanys commitment and friendship to the people and government of The Gambia and will certainly continue to Strengthen the friendly ties between our two countries Germany and Gambia.

In his remark Ebrima Jatta – chairman CASA Gambia thank the Embassy of the Federal republic of Germany for their trust and confidence in partnering with us for changing the image of the school. He stresses the importance of the ties between Germany and Gambia and the commitment germs t embassy put in contributing to the socio economic development of The Gambia. He also took time to advise the pupils and school authority to safeguard the faculty provided to them in ensuring that it’s properly managed, and advise the pupils to work hard so as to become responsible leaders tomorrow.

In his closing remark, Ba Karamo Jarju thank both CASA Gambia and the German embassy for coming to this aid to change the face of the whole school. He further prayed for the two parties to work together on strengthening their relationship and being assistance to Gambian committee.

The ceremony was grace by VDC Chairman, representatives from AMANA, Secretary General – parent teachers association, pupils and teachers of Sheikh Mafuz Bilingual School, parents, neighbors, Liaisons office – Federal Republic of Germany and officialsof CASA Gambia.

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