Sponsor Walk in Gambia to kick-off Crowdfunding Campaign

Coming Saturday – 24 February 2018 –  The Gambia team of CASA Gambia will organize the Sponsor Walk to launch the fundraising activities for the Brufut Lower Basic School. The Sponsor Walk will start at 10:00 on the Senegambia junction, the main tourist area of The Gambia, and will lead all the way to the Lower Basic school in Brufut 10 km away.

Walk the walk #TogetherBetter for quality education!

Along the way we will be sharing flyers and donation letters to draw attention to the horrible state the children of Brufut have to endure while going to school. Quality education is a human right! Hope some tourists join us too, so we can show them the horrible state the school is in. We take responsibility now to advance the new generation that are crucial for the future of The Gambia! Walk with us and show the world we change if we work together!

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