Start Rehabilitation works at Brufut Gambia school celebrated

Today CASA Gambia proudly presented the start of rehabilitation works of the Brufut Lower Basic School in The Gambia. With more than 75% of the needed funds raised, local contractors could be contracted to do the work. These works have been made possible by hundreds of donations by local and international individual backers. These where complemented by large donations from the Dutch foundations Wilde Ganzen and Elizabeth Strouven FondsAlso Stichting CHEF contributed once again with the shipping of one container with school furniture. Thanks to all the local and international efforts CASA Gambia was able to deliver on their promise to invest in Better Education in The Gambia.

Brufut Children celebrate start school renovation

CASA Gambia successful in quest for investment in education

CASA Gambia presented the proceedings of her fundraising activities during a celebration at the Brufut Lower Basic School. The Chairman Ebrima Jatta announced that they raised € 46.000 already, which is enough to start renovation works. The celebration was attended by students, teachers, parents, a National Assembly member, the Women Councilor, Elders of Bulunda, representatives from the Ministry of Education and members of the Village Development Committee. CASA Gambia also presented the donation of 703 chairs, 246 tables, 60 computers and a lot of books and learning materials which were donated by Dutch foundation Stichting CHEF. It’s chairman Jaap van Duuren took the opportunity to show his passion for better education of children of The Gambia.

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