Telescope opens skies for Brufut children

BRUFUT, June 10 2019 – Earlier today, CASA Gambia in collaboration with Aries Productions and Stars Shine for Everyone has donated an SSVI Telescope to Brufut Lower Basic School. The event was graced by Alkalo – Brufut Village, Elders of Bulunda, Chairman – Village Development Committee, Aries Productions owner Mabula Haverkamp, friends from the Netherlands, natives and residents of Brufut, Teachers and Students of Brufut Lower Basic School. This happy event attracted nation wide media attention.

The SSVI Telescope is the project of the Observatory Armand Pien (University of Gent, Belgium) on behalf of Aries Productions. This project has received international recognition from the International Astronomy Union (AIU) and has donated Telescopes to over 40 different countries already. The purpose of donating this telescope is so Gambian children and young people can be introduced to Astronomy and be inspired by the wonders of the skies like planets, stars, moon and the sun.

Donation of telescope by Mabula Haverkamp

Mabula Haverkamp himself travelled to The Gambia to donate the SVVI Telescope and train teachers how to use it in education. Mabula in his presentation stated that a telescope in the school is a way to marvel at the beautiful nature above us. Because the starry sky is nature, which is there for all people on earth to enjoy and learn.

About Mabula Haverkamp

“Mabula was born in Tanzania, East Africa, as a son of 2 Dutch parents. He was raised in the Netherlands where he also got his education. His highest education is a Master of Science degree in Astrophysics from the University of Utrecht. After his studies, he worked for several years in the financial sector before turning his professional career around to become a consultant in internet & network technology, specialized in security. 2 years ago, his background in astronomy and his working career combined, made him decide to start his own company to make image processing software for both amateur and professional astronomers worldwide. With his software, Mabula is now helping astronomers worldwide to create beautiful images of the night sky. As an astronomer, Mabula learnt about a special project from the University of Ghent, Belgium, called Stars Shine For Everyone. Recently, Mabula donated a telescope to a large school community in Tabora, Tanzania, near the region where Mabula was born. Through his network he got introduced to the inspriring work of CASA-Gambia and decided to extend the same generosity to the children in Brufut.”

Nation wide Television coverage

According to Ebrima Jatta, chairman – CASA Gambia, having a telescope within our curriculums is a way of acquiring knowledge and making a journey through time. With telescopes young people and children can see more stars than with the naked eye. Ebrima also elaborated on the importance of Science in our schools. As children grow up in an increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced world, they need to be scientifically literate to succeed.

Brufut Lower Basic School has undergone some major refurbishments, all of which was initiated and managed by CASA Gambia with the support of their local and international partners. This telescope project was initiated as part of their commitment towards national development. For CASA Gambia, this donation aids the effort of becoming a significant support to community development.

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